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  • 20161122_104502

    Synthetic Grass Installation

    Project: Our clients wanted additional permeability and an area to keep their pets from getting dirty and tracking in mud.…

  • Synthetic Grass Installation

    Synthetic Grass Installation

    Project: Sideyard for dogs was not useable Interested in synthetic grass Wanted permeable options   Results: Installed synthetic grass sideyard

  • 20170309_102217

    Porous Pave Nature Discovery Center Bell

    Project: Trail was pooling on walkway making it unusable Prior brick walkway would become muddy Interested in permeable products and…

  • Porous Pave Texas School for the Deaf  Austin

    Porous Pave Texas School for the Deaf A

    Project: Uneven surface areas around school Decomposed granite (DG) and rocks make walking areas a safety hazard Liked a uniformed…

  • 736BD629-09CA-428F-BC2E-10F164EFA9B6

    Synthetic Grass – Putting Greens

    Project: Previous putting green was damaged and worn   Results: Installed putting green with better quality materials  

  • IMG_5462

    Synthetic Grass Sports Bar Wall

    Project: Remove and replace cheaper and damaged wall   Results: New synthetic grass will prevent damage and can be decorated…

  • 5AD7A3F9-578D-46DB-A818-F164AE45BF25

    Synthetic Grass around Pool Area

    Description: Project Issues: Client wanted full use of their yard Wanted to eliminate costly yard expenses Wanted to eliminate ants…

  • 20160920_112818

    Patio Pavers 2

    Project: the previous patio had standing water the base became uneven due to shifting Results: permeable pavers were installed stabilized…

  • 20161006_075346

    Patio Pavers

    Project: uneven walkway muddy and lack of drainage Results: permeable pavers were installed solid and stable

  • 20171011_160404

    Katy Indoor Gym

    Project: Needed an area to cover the concrete floor Kid accessible Use for floor exercises Results: Sealed floor with synthetic…

  • 13177616_589348414572095_126255596331457279_n

    Synthetic Grass Dog Run Bellaire

    Project: Needed a space for their dogs with getting muddy Yard had poor drainage and little sunlight Results: Dogs had…

  • IMG_5294

    Synthetic Grass Installation

    Description: Clients had sever drainage issues in their backyard. Their yard was always soggy and dogs were creating a muddy…

  • 20180124_153500

    Synthetic Grass Soccer Field

    Description: A soccer field was installed for our client.

  • Synthetic Grass Installation

    Synthetic Grass Installation

    Project: Our clients wanted additional permeability and an area to keep their pets from getting dirty and tracking in mud.…

  • 20160927_134050

    Permeable Pavers

    Project: side yards had poor drainage standing water and muddy wanted the yard to be permeable Results: permeable paver walkway also…

  • 20160809_150730

    Permeable Pavers

    Project: Small yard and walkway with drainage issues   Results: Permeable pavers for the small yard Gravel/Grass pavers for the…

  • Geo Web Installation

    Geo Web Installation

    Project: wanted a permeable solution broken and uneven concrete driveway no backyard patio space Results: permeable and stable driveway permeable…

  • 20160927_113813

    Geo Web Alleyway Heights

    Project: Alley was rutted and not draining properly Uneven driving was wearing on cars Results: Permeable base with GeoWeb was…

  • Gravel/Grass Pavers Bunker Hill

    Gravel/Grass Pavers Bunker Hill

      Project Issues: New home construction required permeable Results: Permeable front and slide parking Used gravel pavers drains and doesn't…

  • Porous Pavement

    Porous Pavement

    Project: Uneven decomposed granite (DG) Wanted a less slippery walking path No to low maintenance Reduce the cost of adding…

  • Drivable Grass

    Drivable Grass

    Project: Desired a permeable driveway   Results: Installed a Drivable Grass driveway

  • Gravel/Grass Pavers Heights

    Gravel/Grass Pavers Heights

    Project: Temporary parking required until the garage is built Due to erosion and flooding needed a stable surface Must transition…

  • Tilson Lane

    Tilson Lane

    Project Issues Cracked and shifting concrete driveway Natural look Stability and Safety Goals Met Permeable subsurface and Gravel/Grass Pavers Added…

  • Town in City Brewing

    Town in City Brewing

    Description: Mixed use permeable pavement. Black rock with yellow parking spots for parking area, crushed granite for beer garden, and…

  • Lakeside Estates

    Lakeside Estates

    Project: the front patio was unusable water would seep into other areas standing water would not drain Results: permeable pavers that…

  • Drivable Grass West University Place

    Drivable Grass West University Place

    Project Issues: Neighborhood stormwater drainage problems Upscale look required Stability and Safety   Goals Met: Permeable subsurface and Driveable Grass®…

  • Whole Foods Post Oak

    Whole Foods Post Oak

    Project Issues: Need temporary parking lot for 2.5 months Required complete ready to use within 2 weeks Required ADA and…

  • Forest Club

    Forest Club

    Project: Overflow parking was required Natural landscape required Erosion and stormwater control Easy maintenance Results: Permeable subsurface and Gravel/Grass Pavers…

  • Hunters Creek Village

    Hunters Creek Village

    Project Issues Standing water at driveway entrance Erosion of landscape Problematic stormwater drainage Goals Met Permeable subsurface and Gravel/Grass Pavers…

  • Permeable Pavers Houston Heights

    Permeable Pavers Houston Heights

    Project Issues: Small areas with little sunlight Stability and Safety Permeability required Visually aesthetic around drains Goals Met: Permeable subsurface…