our projects

  • Glass Wall Restaurant

    Glass Wall Restaurant

    Project Issues Temporary parking required until garage is built Due to erosion and flooding needed a stable surface Must transition…

  • Tilson Lane

    Tilson Lane

    Project Issues Cracked and shifting concrete driveway Natural look Stability and Safety Goals Met Permeable subsurface and Gravel/Grass Pavers Added…

  • Town in City Brewing

    Town in City Brewing

    Description: Mixed use permeable pavement. Black rock with yellow parking spots for parking area, crushed granite for beer garden, and…

  • Lakeside Estates

    Lakeside Estates

    Turn a problem muddy area into a beautiful permeable patio!

  • Sunset Blvd.

    Sunset Blvd.

    Project Issues: Neighborhood stormwater drainage problems Upscale look required Stability and Safety Goals Met: Permeable subsurface and Driveable Grass® Additional…

  • Whole Foods Post Oak

    Whole Foods Post Oak

    Project Issues: Need temporary parking lot for 2.5 months Required complete ready to use within 2 weeks Required ADA and…

  • Forest Club

    Forest Club

    Project Issues Overflow parking was required Natural landscape required Erosion and stormwater control Easy maintenance Goals Met Permeable subsurface and…

  • Reynolds Ct, in Memorial

    Reynolds Ct, in Memorial

    Project Issues Standing water at driveway entrance Erosion of landscape Problematic stormwater drainage Goals Met Permeable subsurface and Gravel/Grass Pavers…

  • Spring St.

    Spring St.

    Project Issues: Small areas with little sunlight Stability and Safety Permeability required Visually aesthetic around drains Goals Met: Permeable subsurface…