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Porous Pave Nature Discovery Center Bellaire

Project: Trail was pooling on walkway making it unusable Prior brick walkway would become muddy Interested in permeable products and ADA compliance Results: Porous Pave was installed Trail drains after a rainstorm No flooding or wash out No issues with mud ADA compliant
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Porous Pave Texas School for the Deaf Austin

Project: Uneven surface areas around school Decomposed granite (DG) and rocks make walking areas a safety hazard Liked a uniformed look   Results: Leveled surface areas around the school Walkways are nonslip Uniform look all around  
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Porous Pavement

Project: Uneven decomposed granite (DG) Wanted a less slippery walking path No to low maintenance Reduce the cost of adding DG Results: Smooth walking path No standing water or disintegration Reduced the costs of maintenace  
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