Houston Drivable Grass

Looking for a drivable grass product that is perfect for the Houston climate & unpredictable weather? Piper Whitney Construction is your premier provider of high-quality drivable grass. Our permeable paving system reduces flooding, filters pollutants from stormwater, and has lower surface temperatures. Plus, our all-weather product is available in different colors to suit your needs.

Why Drivable Grass?

There are many benefits of using drivable grass, especially in the Houston area. drivable grass helps to reduce flooding by allowing water to seep through the pavement and into the ground rather than pooling on the surface. This is especially important during heavy rains or thunderstorms. Additionally, drivable grass can help to filter pollutants from stormwater before it enters our waterways. This helps to keep our rivers and bayous clean and safe for swimming, fishing, and boating. Finally, drivable grass has lower surface temperatures than traditional asphalt or concrete pavements. This can help to reduce the “heat island” effect in urban areas and make your property more comfortable during the hot summer months. Drivable grass is the perfect solution for Houston residents who want a beautiful, green lawn without the hassle of dealing with unpredictable weather. Unlike regular grass, drivable grass can be used in all weather conditions and is available in different colors to suit your needs.

Is Drivable Grass Expensive?

Drivable grass is a concrete pavement system that is permeable, flexible, and plantable. This wet cast, low moisture absorption concrete is cast with holes to allow for infiltration and root penetration. It maintains its load-supporting traits even when it is saturated. The unique design has no sharp edges such as in other competing products. Drivable Grass won’t crack and break like rigid concrete or pop up like plastic. So why is drivable grass so expensive? Because it’s a new product that has many benefits over traditional asphalt or concrete pavements.

Houston Drivable Grass Experts

At Piper Whitney Construction, we pride ourselves on being the best installers for drivable grass in the Houston area. We have years of experience working with this product and know how to install it correctly to ensure its long-term performance. Our team is knowledgeable about the different types of drivable grass available and can help you choose the perfect product for your needs. We also have a variety of colors available to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to match your home or business.

We understand that drivable grass is a new product and that many people may be hesitant to try it. That’s why we offer free quotes and consultations so that you can learn more about this product and see if it’s right for you. We stand behind our products and services and are committed to providing quality workmanship that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about drivable grass and how we can help you install it correctly!