Emancipation Park

Project: Removed old and deteriorating surfaces and replace them with rubber safety surfacing

Gravel/Grass Pavers Oak Forest

Project: Walkway and Driveway Wanted a permeable solution to manage the standing water issues after rain storms. Removed concrete and replaced it with gravel pavers The base work makes it solid and durable for vehicles Plastic pavers are made from recycled plastics

Gravel/Grass Pavers City of Bellaire

Project: Gravel Removed the grassy area that was often muddy and left ruts Replaced outdoor storage site with gravel pavers for easy access and easy mobility to move equipment in and out No more tracking mud and dirt into buildings

Rice University

Project: Pervious Concrete sidewalk Removed a decomposed granite walkway Placed with Pervious Concrete, a porous concrete for maximum drainage No more tracking mud and rocks into buildings Increased mobility and ADA Compliant

Drivable Grass

Project: Replaced concrete driveway with Drivable Grass Results: Eliminated standing water and flooding concerns Enhanced the esthetic of the home

Drivable Grass

Project: New residential construction required permeable paving Results: Drivable Grass permeable pavers Clean, modern look with synthetic grass inserts

Drivable Grass

Project: Removed imperious surface which had become unusableDesired a permeable driveway with a clean modern look Results: Permeable driveway with a solid base Driveway matches the aesthetics of the home Seeded with herbs for ground cover