Patio Pavers 2

Project: the previous patio had standing water the base became uneven due to shifting Results: permeable pavers were installed stabilized base no standing water

Patio Pavers

Project: uneven walkway muddy and lack of drainage Results: permeable pavers were installed solid and stable

Permeable Pavers

Project: Small yard and walkway with drainage issues Results: Permeable pavers for the small yard Gravel/Grass pavers for the walkway Greater use of yard

Lakeside Estates

Project: the front patio was unusable water would seep into other areas standing water would not drain Results: permeable pavers that work with the exterior of the home the patio is usable and enjoyable no more mud and standing water

Permeable Pavers Houston Heights

Project Issues: Small areas with little sunlight Stability and Safety Permeability required Visually aesthetic around drains Goals Met: Permeable subsurface and Permeable Pavers Stability for all uses