Porous Pave Nature Discovery Center Bellaire

Project: Trail was pooling on walkway making it unusable Prior brick walkway would become muddy Interested in permeable products and ADA compliance Results: Porous Pave was installed Trail drains after a rainstorm No flooding or wash out No issues with mud ADA compliant

University of Houston Big Orange – Porous Pave

Project: Area around sculpture was difficult to maintain Consistant muddy area Ground around art work was not level Results: Ground was made level No more mud and dirt around sculpture Easier for lawn crews to maintain More enjoyable for students and faculty to enjoy

Porous Pave Texas School for the Deaf Austin

Project: Uneven surface areas around school Decomposed granite (DG) and rocks make walking areas a safety hazard Liked a uniformed look Results: Leveled surface areas around the school Walkways are nonslip Uniform look all around

Porous Pavement

Project: Uneven decomposed granite (DG) Wanted a less slippery walking path No to low maintenance Reduce the cost of adding DG Results: Smooth walking path No standing water or disintegration Reduced the costs of maintenace