Environmentally friendly solutions to concrete and asphalt are here

Permeable paving is the sustainable alternative to traditional hardscape. This low impact development(LID) offers environmental benefits while having strength and durability needed for our daily living. Choosing to install permeable paving has many advantages over traditional hardscape.

Permeable paving captures and slows down the flow rate of stormwater into our city’s drainage systems reducing flooding and standing water in front of your home. While the water is draining the permeable base is at work removing the surface level solids and pollutants such as oils and toxins. Houston’s natural ecosystems and habitats in our bays, bayous, lakes, and streams become less polluted by urban runoff. Cleaner water for all of us is a good thing.

Permeable paving works with a home’s landscaping not against it. The void spaces in permeable paving allows tree roots and other vegetation to grow without being choked off by concrete and asphalt which often results in damaged root systems and lifted, broken concrete. Traditional hardscapes shift in summer when the clay soil swells up due to excess moisture and winter time when the ground freezes causing cracks and buckling. The voids make permeable paving an all weather, all season system.

With homes having smaller backyard it’s not unusual to have areas that never seem to dry out. These areas are a constant soggy eye-sore that can invite mosquitos or mud into your home. Permeable paving works in those areas by having a complete drainage system set in place rather than surface level system used such as decomposed granite or stone. There is truly a difference in choosing a permeable paving over conventional applications.