Gravel/Grass Pavers Oak Forest

Project: Walkway and Driveway Wanted a permeable solution to manage the standing water issues after rain storms. Removed concrete and replaced it with gravel pavers The base work makes it solid and durable for vehicles Plastic pavers are made from recycled plastics

Gravel/Grass Pavers City of Bellaire

Project: Gravel Removed the grassy area that was often muddy and left ruts Replaced outdoor storage site with gravel pavers for easy access and easy mobility to move equipment in and out No more tracking mud and dirt into buildings

Geo Web Installation

Project: wanted a permeable solution broken and uneven concrete driveway no backyard patio space Results: permeable and stable driveway permeable backyard patio

Geo Web Alleyway Heights

Project: Alley was rutted and not draining properly Uneven driving was wearing on cars Results: Permeable base with GeoWeb was installed Drains properly without flooding No more ruts and uneven driving

Gravel/Grass Pavers Bunker Hill

Project Issues: New home construction required permeable Results: Permeable front and slide parking Used gravel pavers drains and doesn’t have issues with cracking like concrete and asphalt

Gravel/Grass Pavers Heights

Project: Temporary parking required until the garage is built Due to erosion and flooding needed a stable surface Must transition to the current parking lot Stable surface Results: Minimal subsurface and Gravel/Grass Pavers Little to no disturbance to the base for future sale of property

Gravel/Grass Pavers

Project Cracked and shifting concrete driveway Natural look Stability and Safety Results Permeable subsurface and Gravel/Grass Pavers Added Geotextile to support grass root stability

Town in City Brewing

Project: Mixed use permeable pavement. Black rock with yellow parking spots for parking area, crushed granite for beer garden, and grass covered footpaths and bicycle parking areas.

Whole Foods Post Oak

Project: Need temporary parking lot for 2.5 months Required complete ready to use within 2 weeks Required ADA and high-heel usage Required strength and stability Results: Minimized subsurface and Gravel/Grass Pavers Added Geotextile to support stability Used SuperSpots to parking delineation Was ready for use within 1 week